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Saba 60 Chocolate

 This kit contains a 30-count bottle of Saba ACE G2 capsules, 30 servings of Saba TOPPFast Chocolate Lifestyle Mix, Saba Co-Clenz and 5 single servings of Saba N-FUSE. Saba N-FUSE provides your body with effective green nutrition to bridge any nutrition gaps during the 5-day cleanse period. You will receive exclusive membership to the Saba 60 Facebook support page where members will help guid you to success. 

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 Been living the Saba lifestyle since January of 2012. Since starting, I have learned so much more about food and myself even in to my upper 40's. This old dog was able to learn new tricks! I feel fabulous and strong! 

Aaron Hedges


 When I began Saba 60, I was certain that nothing would help me lose the weight, but much to my surprise, I lost 60 lbs in my first 60 days and lost another 63 lbs in 4 months. Now 1 year later, by continuing the Saba lifestyle, I have not only lost the weight, but I have easily kept it off.  

Tim Verhine

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Saba Skinny 5000™ Fat Burner Saba Skinny 5000™ is clearly setting a new standard in fat loss, appetite control and the nootropic effects are absolutely INTENSE!  Anyone who wants to lose weight, improve focus, perform at their best, and enjoy all-day energy without jitters, fatigue or crash will love Skinny 5000™.  This is a complete all-in-one fat burner, appetite control and nootropic product that offers a powerful profile of ingredients that give you noticeable appetite suppression effects. It also ignites a long-lasting smooth feeling of energy, which supports the release of fat from fat cells and an increase in metabolic rate and alertness to keep you going for hours.† 

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